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RAM Phone Mounts for Recreational Vehicles

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For people who love exploring life on the road, going on an RV trip at least once in your lifetime is a must-try for everybody! Some people go on RV trips once a year, or if you’re lucky – you get to go twice a year. There’s something about travelling that feels enticing; a change of scenery, getting away from everyday luxury and trying new things.

Now one thing about being on the road for hours is making sure you keep your eyes on the road. Your phone is recommended to be within line of sight that’s not distracting whilst using it for GPS or accessing virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, or Bixby. It’s essential to have your device secure and accessible for emergencies.

RAM Mounts designs phone mounting solutions for easier and safer viewing of your phone. RAM Mounts phone holders are made with an innovative interchangeable design. It allows you to fully customise the build of your phone holder by three components: phone cradle, arm, and base. Depending on how big your device is, the reach or distance you need your phone to be, and the surface you’re mounting your phone.

If you’re looking for a pre-built mounting solution, here are our RV phone mount top picks for the month using a suction base and a drill-down base.

Phone Mount with Suction Base

RAM Twist-Lock™ Suction Cup Mount with Universal RAM® X-Grip® Cell/iPhone Cradle (RAM-B-166-UN7U)

RAM’s twist-lock suction mount phone cradle offers a strong hold on glass and flat surfaces that aren’t made of plastic. This phone holder is medium length and ideal for vehicle windshields. This phone mount also allows you to adjust the mount to achieve the best viewing angle.

Additionally, this mounting solution is made with marine-grade aluminum and high-strength composite, which makes it durable and suitable for harsh environments. All RAM Mounts phone holders also include an X-Grip tether, which you can use to further secure your device on the mount for peace of mind.

If you’re mounting a bigger smartphone, you can opt to use RAM Twist-Lock Suction Cup Mount with Universal X-Grip Phone/Phablet Cradle (RAM-B-166-UN10U). Made with the same base and arm component – but with a larger phone cradle. If you’re using Apple Pro and Pro Max variants, Samsung Plus and Ultra variants, or any smartphone that’s on the bigger side, this is the recommended phone holder for you.

Phone Holder with Drill-Down Base

RAM® X-Grip® Large Phone Mount with Drill-Down Base (RAM-B-138-UN10)

Drill-down base phone holders are ideal for any flat surface in your motorhome, whether you want to mount your phone on a countertop, cabinet, or flat surface in your RV. Drill-down mounts keep the phone holder securely in place rather than the suction or adhesive mounts. If you’re also planning to keep your smartphone within that area and have no intention of moving the whole solution, the drill-down base is suitable for you.

It's great to use especially if you keep different devices in one area. Like on a kitchen countertop, you can use your smartphone to watch cooking videos or check out recipes. The device is sure to be within an accessible reach at all times.

If you’re looking for different phone holder solutions for your motorhome, check out our wide range of RAM Mounts solutions here. Email us at for any inquiries.

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