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How to install RAM Mounts on Forklifts

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If you're looking to enhance the functionality and safety of your forklift operations, investing in a high-quality mounting system is essential. RAM Mounts offers a versatile and durable solution to secure various devices on your forklift. In this guide, we'll delve into the key components of a RAM Mount system, provide example setups, and walk you through the installation process. Whether you're mounting a tablet for inventory management or a scanner gun for warehouse applications, this guide has you covered.

Components of a RAM Mount System

To understand how RAM Mounts work, let's break down the key components:

  1. Mounting Base: The mounting base is the foundation of your RAM Mount system. It attaches directly to your mounting surface, such as a forklift post or rail. For forklifts, popular options include the RAM Tough-Claw™ or a clamp mount. These bases are designed to provide a secure attachment point, ensuring that your device remains stable even in rough environments.
  2. Double Socket Arm: The double socket arm is the connecting piece between the mounting base and the device holder. It comes in various lengths, allowing you to customize the reach and position of your device. Each end of the arm has sockets that hold the ball components, enabling flexible adjustments and secure positioning.
  3. Device Holder: The device holder is the component that directly holds your device. RAM Mounts offer a range of holders, from universal options like the RAM X-Grip® to custom cradles designed for specific devices. These holders provide a secure grip, ensuring that your device stays in place during operation.

Example Setups

For a detailed demonstration, watch the videos below where we walk you through the installation process step by step. In these videos, we show how to mount both B-size and C-size setups on forklifts. You'll see how the B-size setup is clamped onto a forklift post, connecting the base to the Strike Universal Tablet Cradle via a double socket arm. We also demonstrate a C-size setup using a lift truck overhead guard, showcasing its robust design and suitability for heavier devices like scanner guns.

B Size Setup

For most forklift applications, a B-size setup is sufficient. Here's an example using the Strike Universal Tablet Cradle:

In the below setup, we showed how a B-size setup is clamped onto the post of a forklift using a RAM B-247U-3 clamp mount. The double socket arm connects the base to the Strike Universal Tablet Cradle, providing a stable and adjustable setup suitable for any warehouse environment.

Installation Steps:

  1. Clamp the base onto the post.
  2. Connect the arm to the ball on the base and the ball on the cradle.
  3. Tighten the arm to secure the setup.

C Size Setup

For rougher environments or heavier devices, a C-size setup is recommended. Here's an example using a scanner gun holder:

In another example, we demonstrated the use of a C-size setup on a forklift equipped with a lift truck overhead guard. This setup included a C-size double arm socket and a scanner gun holder. The C-size components offer increased durability and stability, making them ideal for rougher environments and heavier devices.

Installation Steps:

  1. Clamp the base to the forklift post.
  2. Connect the arm to the ball on the base and the ball on the holder.
  3. Tighten the arm to secure the setup.

How to Mount a Device in a Forklift

Mounting a device in a forklift using a RAM Mount system is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Select the Appropriate Base: Choose a base that fits your forklift post or rail. The RAM-B-247U-3 is a versatile option suitable for most forklift setups.
  2. Attach the Base: Secure the base to the post by tightening the clamp. Ensure it is firmly attached to provide a stable foundation for the rest of the system.
  3. Connect the Arm: Attach one end of the double socket arm to the ball on the base. This connection allows you to adjust the angle and reach of the arm to suit your needs.
  4. Attach the Device Holder: Connect the other end of the arm to the ball on the device holder. Ensure that the holder is securely attached and positioned correctly.
  5. Adjust and Secure: Position your device at the desired angle and tighten the arm to secure everything in place. Double-check all connections to ensure stability and safety.

Benefits of Using RAM Mounts on Forklifts

Using RAM Mounts on forklifts offers several advantages:

  • Enhanced Safety: Securely mounted devices reduce the risk of accidents caused by loose or handheld devices.
  • Increased Efficiency: Easy access to mounted devices can streamline workflows and improve productivity.
  • Versatility: RAM Mounts can be customized to fit various devices and applications, making them a flexible solution for different needs.
  • Durability: Designed to withstand harsh environments, RAM Mounts offer long-lasting performance.


Understanding and installing a RAM Mount system on your forklift can significantly enhance operational efficiency and safety. By choosing the right components and following the installation steps, you can ensure that your devices are securely mounted and easily accessible. Whether you're using a tablet for inventory management or a scanner gun for warehouse tasks, RAM Mounts provides a reliable and adaptable solution.

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