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How to Mount Tablets with RAM Mounts

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RAM Mounts has designed several mounting solutions to nearly any application and device – some of these are phones, tablets, GPS systems, laptops and many more. Mounting your tablet securely on your vehicle makes driving safer and easier. If you haven’t decided on how you want to install your RAM Tablet Mount to your vehicle, here’s a few mounting solutions you can do.

1. Cup Holder Mount

RAM® X-Grip® for 7"-8" Tablets with RAM® Stubby™ Cup Holder Base

Some may not consider mounting their phone or tablet in the cup holder since the position it places your device gets in the way of the gear shift, but this is only for some vehicles. However, this option may work for vehicles with larger console areas. The cup holder mount will work perfectly but this option is generally the least desirable from other mounting options. Try the RAM-A-CAN™ Universal Cup Mount with Double Socket Mount (RAP-299-3-B-102U) also available here at Mounts Philippines.

2. Wedge Mount


RAM® Tough-Wedge™ Mount with Round Plate & Expansion Pouch

Try the RAM Seat Tough-Wedge™ Accessory w/ 1" Ball Base & Expansion Pouch (RAM-B-407-PUMPU) also available here at Mounts Philippines. The Tough-Wedge is similar to the RAM Mount cup holder, but placement of the mount is in the gap between the vehicle seat and center console. The RAM Tablet Mount Tough-Wedge option is ideal since it doesn’t take up space on your windshield unlike the suction cup mounting option. One advantage to using a wedge mount is that it can be easily removed or put away and can also be used for back-seat applications. An expansion pouch is used to adjust its size to fit in better between the seat and console.

3. Vehicle Mount

RAM® X-Grip® with RAM® Pod™ Vehicle Mount for 7"-8" Tablets

Another option that’s suitable for tablets is the RAM vehicle mount. This mounting system does not impact your windshield and the mount’s aluminum rod can be bent to your desired position to give your device the best viewing capacity. The vehicle mount is popular among mounting options since the base of the mount connects to the seat rail without any drilling necessary. Try this mount RAM Pod No-Drill™ 7" Tablets Mount w/ Universal X-Grip® Cradle (RAM-B-316-1-UN8B) available here at Mounts Philippines.

4. Suction Mount

RAM® X-Grip® with RAM®Twist-Lock™ Suction Cup Mount for 7"-8" Tablets

One of the most popular options for mounting your device is by using a RAM Suction Cup Mount since it allows you to take an easier glance at your tablet’s screen which gives you an optimum viewing position. The suction cup mount has a twist lock base and is designed to withstand high speed and vibration making it as stable as your windshield while on the road. View this mount RAM Twist-Lock™ Suction Cup Mount with Universal X-Grip® Cradle for 7"-8" Tablets (RAM-B-166-UN8) here at Mounts Philippines.

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