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RAM B Size 1.5" Ball Side Track Base (RAP-354-AAPRU)

  • 1,473.00 PHP Ex. Tax: 1,473.00 PHP


The RAP-354-AAPRU Track Ball Side Track Base consists of a t-bolt, ratchet tooth and groove composition and 1.5" rubber ball. With a turn of the knob you can quickly fasten, adjust or remove the base to your existing track system. The ratchet tooth and groove composition enables you to slide and relocate the mount along the track; RAP-354-AAPRU can also rotate 360 degrees around, parallel to the track. The patented rubber ball design creates friction; this stabilizing the entire mount, along with dampening shock and vibration.
Specs & Features
    • Quick installation, removal and stowage
    • Easily relocate side track base along track
    • Installation at any point on the track
    • Track bases can rotate 360 degrees while mounted to track
    • Compatible rod holders and extensions
    • High strength materials ensure product longevity
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Material: High Strength Composite
    • Ball Size: 1.5" Rubber Ball Size
    • Weight: 0.27 lbs.
    • Note: The "U" in the part number reflects product packaged in poly bag.

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