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RAM® Horizontal 12" Swing Arm Mount for Fishfinders & Plotters (RAM-109H-1U)

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The RAM double swing arm mount includes two 6" long BENT swing arms mounted on a horizontal surface mounting base. At the device mounting end of the mount is a rectangular 6.25 x 2" top base. The pivoting points of the mount allow a complete 360 degree rotation.

Features & Specs:

  • Product Dimensions: Overall Height: 8.58", Total Swing Arm Length: 12"
  • Hole Pattern: Top Plate: See Drawing, Bottom Plate: 2.5" x 2.5"
  • Plate Size: Top Plate: 6.25" x 2", Bottom Plate: 3.47" x 3.47"
  • Weight Capacity: 8 lbs
  • Materials: Marine-grade aluminum
  • Packaging Type: Poly Bag
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs.
  • Additional Information: The included plate is a universal mounting bracket with a selection of mounting hole locations. In certain applications additional holes may need to be drilled for proper fit with your electronic device.

Package Content:

  • Contains 1 x RAM® Horizontal 12" Swing Arm Mount for Fishfinders & Plotters (RAM-109H-1U)

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